Mitigate climate-related risks by manufacturing new climates.




“So once you eliminate the moralism and the angst, the task of reversing global warming boils down to a straightforward engineering problem: how to get thirty-four gallons per minute of sulfur dioxide into the stratosphere?” SuperFreakonomics, 193

Intellectual Ventures Stratospheric Shield source:

Levitt and Dubner ask: “If human activity is warming up the planet, could human ingenuity cool it down?” 
SuperFreakonomics tells the story of a team of researchers at Intellectual Ventures (IV)--itself supported by Bill Gates--working on a “Stratoshield” proposal, which would pump sulfur dioxide into the Earth's atmosphere to cool it down.  This system could mimic the cooling effects of a Mount Pinatubo-sized volcanic eruption with a “garden hose to the sky."  An eighteen mile long hose would send liquefied sulfur dioxide into the atmosphere at a cost of $250 million.  “Compared with the $1.2 trillion that Nicholas Stern proposes spending each year to attack the problem, IV's idea is, well, practically free. It would cost $50 million less to stop global warming than what Al Gore's foundation is paying just to increase public awareness about global warming.” SuperFreakonomics 196
Geo-engineering isn't just cheaper, it can bypass the problems of negative externality strategies like carbon taxation with its own 'positive externality' logic: “When people aren't compelled to pay the full cost of their actions, they have little incentive to change their behavior.” SuperFreakonomics 173 
Such “freaky” thinking, to Levitt and Dubner, means we must abandon the “moralism' and “angst' of environmntalism, and acknowledge that, as “Stratoshield' founder Nathan Myrvold says: “We've already geoengineered the earth.” SuperFreakonomics 197



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