Manifesto 02: Infrastructural Opportunism

DATE Fri, 2011-01-28 (All day)
LOCATION 97 Kenmare Street, New York, 10012

Janette presented 10 manifestos on energy from the Underdome project at Manifesto 02: Infrastructure Opportunism, an event hosted by the Storefront for Art and Architecture.

The evening was the second part of the Storefront for Art and Architecture's Manifesto series, and was organized by INFRANET LAB + LATERAL OFFICE upon the release of their publication, Coupling: Infrastructural Opportunism.  The event will focus on innovative ideas that work "towards a new methodology of action for the 21st century." 



Mimi Zeiger
Diana Balmori
Jason Vigneri-Beane
Lydia Kallipoliti
Andrew Blum
Joyce Hwang
Janette Kim
Infranet Lab