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"The way I look at it is that our buildings are based on sustainable prosperity." Cameron Sinclair

Lunawa Livelihoods Support and Community Center. source: Architecture for Humanity

"Singeli Agnew: What does sustainability mean to you?
"Kate Stohr: We have a different definition of sustainable than most architects. When we look at the sustainability of a project, to us, it's not just about green building. In fact, to be totally honest with you, we kind of take that for granted. If our buildings aren’t green, then the architect hasn’t actually provided the services that the architect should be providing. The building will be green.
"Then, it's a question of how is this building going to be maintained? And how are we going to help this community to provide the services that it wants to in that building? What can we do to make this building smarter, saying “You know what? You actually have about 100 square meters here in front. Why don’t we landscape that and turn it into a marketplace? And then you’ll have a little income that you can use to maintain this facility.” Or wiring the building in a way that allows people to access the Internet -- not only access the Internet, but have a secure area where the community can come in to access the Internet. Once you start adding those features and you think really carefully about the building and the holistic needs of the community, then it gets really exciting.
"Cameron Sinclair: I almost don’t like saying the word “green,” you know?... When you create structures or spaces that generate jobs, people end up being very sustainable. They want to maintain that livelihood. And for 90 percent of the world, being sustainable is a matter of life and death." Interview with FRONTLINE/World reporter Singeli Agnew www.pbs.org

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