Underdome maps contending models of energy efficiency to explore their impact on public life.


Advocate freedom for individuals SyntaxError


Support collective intervention


Promote egalitarian resource distribution


Support market-driven capitalism

Top Down

Execute energy plans from a centralized planning position

Bottom Up

Foster grass-roots movements of self-organized individuals


Concentrate urban development


Reform energy management beyond the city


Work through existing modes of consumption


Resist consumption


Address traditional lifestyles


Seek new cultural patterns


Address human, environmental and market interests simultaneously


Choose between human, environmental and market interests

Risk Averse

Work with existing management strategies


Experiment with new management strategies

DOMESTICATE Nuclear Families

Speak to nuclear familes as a way to inculcate energy reform.

RENT Tenancy

Reshape policies to respond to the prevalence of rental tenants.

CHOOSE EARTH Prioritize the Biosphere

Focus on climate change, biodiversity, and pollution relative to other interests.

SYNERGIZE Mutual Benefit

Form alliances among human, environmental and market interests.

DENSIFY Dense Urban Development

Concentrate development in urban areas. 

VOLUNTEER Personal Responsibility

Take individual initiative for change.

ENFORCE Government Regulation

Use state powers to referee private interests and protect resources.

EMPOWER Community Advocacy

Facilitate action at the local level to democratize power.

TAKE CHARGE Government-Run Projects

Mobilize change through state intervention and ownership. 

COMPETE Free Market Competition

Encourage competition to breed innovation.

HELP OUT Humanitarian NGOs

Support Non-profits for selfless reform.

INCENTIVIZE Government Initiated Motivation

Use policy to proactively shape the market.

PRIVATIZE For Profit Infrastructure

Services and infrastructure run by for-profit ventures. 

SMASH THE STATE Anarchist Activism

Eliminate government and corporations, and their wasteful policies.

SUE Citizen Litigation

Enforce the rule of law with citizen watchdogs and a free press.

CROSS BORDERS Extra-National Networks

Develop networks and alliances that transgress national boundaries.

LOCALIZE Regional Autonomy

Limit resource use to regional enclaves.

MASTER PLAN Centralized Planning

Organize and develop infrastructures from a centralized planning position.

NETWORK Expanded Infrastructures

Connect and expand multiple infrastructures beyond municipal boundaries. 

SELF-ORGANIZE Bottom-Up Planning

Pilot experiments through grass-roots movements.

SPREAD OUT Distributed Development

Encourage and rework development in suburban and rural areas.

UNPLUG Off-the-grid Enclaves

Detach from civic infrastructures.

ADJUST Alternative Standards of Comfort

Explore new cultural attitudes on comfort.

BUY BETTER Green Consumerism

Purchase ethical products to help reform the market.

DIVERSIFY Non-Traditional Households



Acknowledge the rise of new lifestyles through policies.

LIVE LIGHT Reduce Consumption

Learn to make do with less in order to conserve resources.

LIVE FREE Self-Determination

Allow people to be mobile and non-conformist.

OWN Owner Occupation

Support owner-occupation as a way to enfranchise the population.


Let people enjoy their own modes of living.

SHARE Communal Living

Encourage sharing of resources among households and neighbors.

CHOOSE PEOPLE Prioritize Human Health and Equity

Focus on the eradication of disease and poverty relative to other interests.

CHOOSE PROFIT Prioritize Market Growth

Focus on financial stability and global competition relative to other interests.

CONSERVE Reduce Resource Use

Mitigate climate-related risks by cutting back on resource consumption.

GEO-ENGINEER Manufacture New Climates

Mitigate climate-related risks by manufacturing new climates.


Define groups exposed to and liable for risk.

TEST Precautionary Development

Take risks subject to vigilant evaluation and public review. 

How To

What potential do governments, corporations, organizations, and individuals have to restructure energy performance? 

How To

How does energy performance re-frame the networks of the contemporary metropolitan region?

How To

How do energy performance schemes imagine public norms and behavior?

How To

How can we set priorities in the face of uncertainty?